This is what you get from Unique Performance when you order a GT500E Shelby Super Snake...

So far they have taken over $140,000 from me for the order.  It has been over 2 years and this is what they have so far...


(Actual pictures they emailed me)

Media Inquiries:  uniqueSCAMmedia@gmail.com

Were you also scammed by Unique Performance?
Potential class action:  uniqueperfclassaction@gmail.com

Emails I have received through my website and ebay listing:

Email 1:
My family and i have always supported cscf.org, Carroll Shelby as fans and car enthusiasts.

In spring of 2007 my wife and i purchased car #34 from Unique Performances' John Logan and Doug Hasty in Farmer's Branch Texas. We were deceived and lied to after we wired $170,000+ of our hard earned money to them! The car we purchased was actually on consignment, yet we signed a contract that DID NOT disclose this very important detail.

We have filed complaints against Unique Performance and Carroll Shelby for damages, in addition we are seeking compensation for breach of contract and fraud. It is now mid-October and we still do not have title our transaction/contract with Unique Performance is open and incomplete. The vehicle (CSE-34) had 800 miles when we took delivery. To date the vehicle itself + total repairs and upgrades (for safety) have been well over $200,000.00.

Because Doug Hasty and Unique Performance has made zero effort to resolve this dilemma, i felt compelled to contact/ inform you.

If you'd like to contact me this is all the info you will need:

Law Offices of (name withheld)

Email 2:
I saw your website.
I paid $250k upfront to supposedly get my car (supersnake convertible) to the front of the line, that was 2 years ago. I am constant contact with them but keep getting the delays.

Email 3:
I too have been delayed for my delivery of a GT500E. I was quoted 12 to 14 mos after ordering in October 2006, and I just got a date of "early summer 2008"...that would be almost 20 months. I've been considering cancelling because I was mad at the delay, and I've been worried about how the quality will be after this very unprofessional performance. But I love what I ordered and they have promised to address my concerns...so I'm on the fence. They did say they would refund my deposit. Can you get me Bobby Sign's contact info?...I ordered from him too. A better email for me is *******@yahoo.com.
**** *****

Email 4:
I have also been called and emailed by a jounalist from automotivenews.com. I am waiting for more emails before I talk to her about my website.

Here are some of my experiences with Unique Performance:

Quote from email from John Logan VP of Business Relations:
"I will not have a firm date range for delivery until the first weeks of March after I have fully evaluated all vehicles in the pipeline with our team."
Still no date..and that was 7 months ago!

Furthermore Kerry M. Keating (COO) made an offer to pay back the balance (in installments) which he later dishonored because of 'lack of funds.' If you were thinking of getting a car from them I would think twice about sending your money to a business that is running so low on funds.

My account rep Bobby Sign Jr. told me he quit because of constant problems with furious customers.
I can only imagine there are lots of unhappy unique performace customers. Please contact
me if you are one of them.

Here is another customer that has had problems with Unique Performance.
They also have a website (where the letter is from)...it is called fixeleanor.com

Carroll Shelby is an automotive industry legend. There is no way he would want to be associated with extremely disappointed customers.
Click here to visit carrollshelby.com and send them an email to let them know the experience you have had with unique performance.

Here is their media relations email if you would like to contact them for more info: tneilson@uniqueperformance.com